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YOU ARE READING Fantasy Being the son of the God of all isn't easy, but when Hercules is faced with the ultimatum of finding a wife, things become even more complicated. I was broken out of my tranquility when an all to familiar sound caught my ears. Sighing heavily I waited for what I was sure was to come. I watched as it bounced with every step that he took.

Joined by his three best friends, Hercules leaves Mount Olympus for Earth. Sitting on the stone bench I had a clear view of the massive fountain in front of me. He walked with an air of confidence, as if anyone who layed eyes on him should consider themselves lucky, but I knew better.

I remembered when I had told my father that Perseus, Leonidas, and Penelope were coming with me.

"This is not some vacation for you," my father said aggravated. You know I don't want to go at all," I couldn't help but remind him. "You must remember why you are going there." "You have made the point clear, father," I said stiffly. I was normally quite good at hiding it, but lately I was slipping in my resolve. His eyes still bright as always, but not in a comforting way. You have three months to find someone or I will for you." I stood, mouth open. I was being forced to go to a world I didn't want, to find a woman to be with, that I didn't want.

Penelope assured me that though it may not be a city in Greece, which is where I would have liked to have gone, it was large and I was sure to find someone. She walked towards me then and pulled me into a tight embrace.