Whos eminem dating

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well Eminem girlfriend was Ashley Simpson No, it was Ashley Greene.

I don't know much details about her or the relationship, like when it was...

He was briefly married 3 times to Kimberly "Kim" Scott-Mathers, and he claims to have…

I believe that "Stan" by Eminem feat Dido is based on a true story.

But, it hasn’t been just Minaj who was talking about Eminem in her lyrics. In 2011, Eminem rapped in the song “Fast Lane,” saying, “I hope that I don’t sound too heinous when I say this, Nicki Minaj, but I wanna stick my penis in your anus.” Minaj and Eminem have been friendly over the years and Eminem told Complex Magazine that, “I mean, obviously, I’ve worked with Nicki.