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The other day Sharapova and Gilks ​​attended a high society dinner in the Business Of Fashion edition in Los Angeles.Maria and Alexander took pictures together, cheek to cheek.That will change this year: The eighth-seeded Williams on Thursday drew the unseeded Sharapova for a first-round matchup in this year’s women’s singles competition.

Who is sharapova dating

Williams has an injury cloud of her own: She retired from the Canadian Open final and pulled out of the Cincinnati tournament with back spasms.

She has not finished a hardcourt tournament this year without an injury or illness causing her exit.

Until now, the couple did not advertise their relationship: if Masha and Alex appeared together in public, they preferred to pose for photographers separately, writes KP.

But now, it seems, their romance has reached a new level.

When Sharapova returned to the tour, in April 2017, Williams was on maternity leave after giving birth to her daughter, Olympia, seven months earlier.

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