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After the session I don’t feel hugely different and anyway I’m starting to wonder if I really want to join the ranks of the super-confident. Take this young woman, writing in Vogue: ‘I’ve just returned from my honeymoon and spent two weeks offline, catching up on my neglected reading list.’ Dear God, I imagine her poor new husband is ruing the day they tied the knot.

I spent my honeymoon terrified Nat West was going to call me, saying the cheque to pay for the reception had bounced. This must be the crux of what’s wrong with David: he’s so confident in who he is, he’s blind to the fact he’s the one who needs to change. I am not going to have dinner with an arrogant a*** any time soon.

The Sunday edition of the Daily Mail has a supplement called YOU MAG in which contains Liz Jones' Diary. I've come to the conclusion that I have never quite seen a woman who has herself up on a pedestal so high, feels she is faultless at every turn, deems herself to be a wonderful catch, yet she disparages every other person in the world - and then constantly moans why she cannot keep a man (whilst providing the world with an extremely indepth, very personally biaised, record of said man's faults - whilst she portrays herself whiter than white).

She competed against comedian Jim Davidson on Celebrity Big Brother 13.

You have to wonder what journalist Liz Jones was doing at the ITV studios, on the set on the highly successful dating show Take Me Out last week.

In June 2012, she angered the silver fox of daytime telly, Phillip Schofield, by slating his co-presenter Holly Willoughby for posting a photo of herself on Twitter without makeup calling it a “betrayal to women,” and denouncing her as a “playground bully.” This Morning presenter Schofield defended Willoughby by saying “I swear there can be no greater force against all womankind than Liz Jones.

She is inconsistent, bitter, nasty and unhinged.” Jones also picked on Amanda Holden in July 2012 for having a face that looked ‘other worldy’ and commented that ‘her face would probably squeak were you to run a finger over it.’ Very strange behaviour as Miss Jones herself has undergone a full face-lift.

Then, after a week when I could hardly move, I get an email and this time it is indeed from David. I’m stuck in France with a flat battery so while that charges I find myself with time on my hands [! I can honestly say that I did not see your message asking, “Where do we go from here?