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His 2018 tour dates have been cancelled, which is sad news for Huey Lewis and the News fans.Hopefully Lewis will be getting in some quality time golfing and fly fishing while he recuperates.

When Huey Lewis was 13 years old, he suffered the disappointment of his parents’ divorce.

Nevertheless, he did not let the emotional toll derail his life, he achieved perfect grades in his high school and ended up going to Cornell University in New York.

The band started to see some success, opening for Van Morrison and changing their name to Huey Lewis and the News at Bob's recommendation.

Their first album in 1980 tanked, but their 1982 album , performed by Huey Lewis and the News.

In a land of music, art and culture like America, men like Huey Lewis get a chance to make something of themselves without participating in the drone-like culture of corporate America.