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“My dog and his cat, they pretty much just despise each other. He and I start butting heads because of it, but then as the vacation continues, we start to realize that maybe the other one isn’t so bad, and the rest you’ll see when you see the movie, but it’s really sweet.”In our conversation with Gifford, we also talked about the difficulties of being a second generation performer—mom is Kathie Lee Gifford, dad is Frank Gifford, working with animals, her favorite romantic comedies, the best advice her dad gave her, and more.When you were 12 years old, you got cast in your first professional job?I love it when it tells a real story, but by the same token, I love things like Things that just make you happy.

He completed his education from the University of Southern Mississippi in 196 and earned his Bachelor Degree.

Curently, he is serving as the President of RMC Insurance Group LLC.

Furthermore, he is the boyfriend of Kathie Lee Gifford who is a Singer, Songwriter, Author and TV Host.

On July 28, 2019, Randy was spotted with Kathie Lee Gifford on a romantic date and spotted at an Outdoor concert in Franklin, Tennessee.

In 1992, Kathie and Paul Johnson decided to separate and called off their marriage and the excast reason for their separation is still unknown.