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ALTERNATE ANSWER: Being married and having 4 kids never stopped anyone from being gay... He was married twice and has at least 3 kids and is a "Gay American".Ryan Carnes has appeared as gay characters on GH and in a movie.

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That stated, his weight is 240 pounds while general body measurements still remain unknown.

But he does have a "close friend" (male) that travels with him. The girl who plays Mackenzie browning is gay and she has a girlfriend while she makes out with guys all day Don Diamont is most definitely NOT gay. There have been several gay characters on General Hospital.

His full name is Bradley James Parscale and he was born on January 3, 1976, in Topeka, Kansas.

His father Dwight Parscale was a politician and a businessman, while his mother Rita Parscale was also into business.

See Also: Anthony Scaramucci Bio, Married, Wife, Children, Family, Divorce, Wiki Soon afterward, he kept on working with the organization until his firm got the call to build a website for Donald Trump in his bid to win the 2016 US Presidential elections.