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The month can be formatted using sequences of 'M' characters. 2 or 12) Format(#8/2/2007#, "dd") - returns day of month as 2 digits (i.e.

02 or 12) Format(#8/2/2007#, "ddd") - returns abbreviated day of week (i.e Tue) Format(#8/2/2007#, "dddd") - returns unabbreviated day of week (i.e Tuesday) Format(# PM#, "hh:mm:ss tt") - returns as PM Format(# PM#, "hh:mm:ss") - returns as Format(# PM#, "hh:mm") - returns as Format(# PM#, "h:mm") - returns as The value of a Date variable can be adjusted either backwards or forwards using the Visual Basic Date Add() function.

The Syntax of Date Add() is as follows: Date Add( interval, number, date) As Date The interval parameter specifies the unit of time to be added or subtracted (such as day, year, hour, minute etc).

The allowable values for this parameter are as follows: The interval types listed in the Date Add() section above can be used with the Visual Basic Date Part() function to extract parts of a date or time.

In it there is a Text Box for typing in the part number that the user wants to extract data for.