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Sarkozy was said to have told Berlusconi that while the latter's claims about the solidity of the Italian banking system may be true in theory, financial institutions there could soon “pop” like the cork in a champagne bottle, that “words are no longer enough”, and that Berlusconi must now “make decisions”.

Also on the 24th, Valentini indicated that EU Council President Herman Van Rompuy had urged Italy to undertake policies aimed at reducing the impression within the EU that the country is weighed down with an enormous debt at a moment in time when it also is struggling with low productivity and showing little dynamism».

It was extensively reported, it fueled conspiracy theories and Berlusconi's most loyal collaborators even requested a public inquiry.

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Back in 2013, thanks to a Snowden document dated 2010, l'Espresso and la Repubblica revealed how Italy was the only European country, along with Germany, to have two Scs teams on its territory: one in Rome and the other in Milan.

In the transcript of the Nsa interception of Berlusconi and Netanyahu's talks, the Special Collection Service is mentioned explicitly, whereas in the transcript of Valentino Valentini, we can only read that the communications were obtained through “unconventional” collection, a term that in most cases refers to the interceptions conducted by the Scs.

The US does not seem to know exactly what he is doing in Moscow, however, «he is widely rumored to be looking after Berlusconi's business interests in Russia», as the US diplomacy writes to Washington in that cable, adding that US contacts, both in Berlusconi's party and in the center-left opposition, the Democratic Party, believe that «Berlusconi and his cronies are profiting personally and handsomely from many of the energy deals between Italy and Russia».

In the new documents regarding Italy revealed by Wiki Leaks today, there are two Nsa interceptions targeting Berlusconi and Valentini respectively, and three "selectors", namely the telephone numbers used by the National Security Agency for its surveillance and listening programs.

A very close collaborator of Silvio Berlusconi, Valentino Valentini was a target one could imagine would be of interest for the Nsa surveillance activities.