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Is the questlcm mark of the league Argo* have undergone a complete shakeup under new , «a.h Hamp Pool but »hf po- teniial of their new arrav of im- port* indicate* they ctmld he a dangerou* threat The mutest name nf the r.r-A* Amertran* I* G R Rotirr’- a tri'ky runner fmm the rn'»,- -»,v of "- ••'■'’m t'aliforoia who hat the apeed to make him tha .. openetl of the Boston Red Sox nosed out easy 7 and 5 win over Kllzal)cth Brand of Sacramento. Bob Bedard td Monlreal and Don Knr Mana of Toronto team«*d •'unday to w-ln the men's doubles, besting the Brn/llian pairing of . L Ra santa won the right to challepne Mike Horn for Ihe lend by drawing with A H Sheiird Result* and this week's sche- dule follow. Dt*rl P( «• *■«'* Dlv Uim I M Hurp 3 L Bwtp U ) -A O Sh'Srd 4 W da l U.illand ft S P Rail. Ask your favourite dealer for the all- new Eversharp.

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F:arh Big Four cluh plav* U games with Ihe regular season ending S-;v 9 The leag-e had a S2 edge in pte-ee.