Updating blackberry version

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On your computer using a website (Windows only) If you use Internet Explorer 5.5 or later versions of Firefox you can update your device online by visiting the Black Berry 10 Software Updates page.

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To continue with an Over The Air Software (OTA) Update, remove data (applications and media) from the Black Berry smartphone's internal memory until there is enough free space by following the actions below.

The software update message will show exactly how much space is required to be freed up, for example: Help in determining what to move or delete: First, review the data and amount of storage space being consumed by installed applications or games, and each media type.

To update your device, use a USB cable to connect it to your computer, and then click Install Update.

If you’re not using Black Berry Link, make sure you check it out because in addition to updating your device software you can do the following: To find out more visit the Black Berry Link website, and if you have any questions pop by the Black Berry Support Community Forums to view the Black Berry Link discussion board.

It’s been almost a year since we officially launched, and today we’re announcing an exciting software update to the platform.