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Fort Benning MEDDAC provides compassionate world class healthcare to maximize battlefield readiness and the overall health of our community.We deliver safe, quality, accessible, cost-effective, and patient family-centered healthcare to enable the resiliency of our community, enhance the operational readiness of our units, and achieve the best outcomes for our beneficiaries.

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The DD form 214 is a Certification of Release or Discharge. This version can be shown to civilians such as future employers.

It shows the following information: DD Form 215 corrects any errors or additions to DD form 214. It will exclude the discharge characterization as well as the discharge reason in case you do not want your future employer to know this. This includes all relevant information and is used when you apply for your VA benefits.

To ensure the documents are not viewed by unauthorized personnel you can ask the registering agency who is legally granted access.

If public access is granted, then you may want to reconsider registering the document.

Sadly, they will not seek you out and give you a gigantic benefits package with everything done for you.