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But the changes in taste for fun and clothes didn't rock any traditions about good old-fa- shioned college life, isa photos by Scott Williams DE3STT LIFE The seven-week itch Students barely settle in before the urge to get away for a few days hits 10 Asteroids and empty pockets Saving quarters is next to impossi- ble for addicts 14 Pure Prairie League Concerts return to K-State, but Mc Cain misses the sellout mark in ticket sales 58 News For some glimpses of events that affected you 74 Point, counterpoint — Vicki Quarles, junior in social work at the University of Kansas, trades points with Kevin Kisner. The two met during the K-State-KU football game on Campanile Hill overlooking the stadium. Nancy Twiss, academic adviser for prelaw students, said that law schools look for four things in a student: (1) communication skills, especially in writing; (2) being able to think clearly and constructively; (3) understanding th e I John Zidek 148 pre-law/med applicants society he or she lives in; and (4) depth — major in a specific field. The appropriation caused a debate over allocations to all sports clubs. These honors were tourna- ment as well as KState awards.10 getting away The long and winding road — The Bright Angel Trail proposes a challenge for hikers Drew Westcott, senior in industrial engineering, and Bruce Loyd, senior in mechanical engineering. "We want students to take the most demanding courses they can that emphasize these points," said Twiss. Other projects of senate included the improvement of campus lighting, researching, defining and making available the definition of K-State's dead week policy and passage of a bill pledging student support toward construction of a multipurpose coliseum. Jenny Koehn was K-State's Most Valu- able Player, Best Senior and Best Forearm Passer.Shooting marbles — Aggieville has more to offer students than bars. Ann Jorns, 1980 graduate in foods and nutrition and home economics, now attends Oxford and Elaine Hefty, 1979 graduate in microbiology, attends John Hopkins University. The run-off resulted when none of the eight candidates receiving votes in the original election captured the majority. However, the Cats slumped in the last part of the season, losing seven more and winning only one to bring their final record to 22-27. Currie began his career as a player in 1939 and coached and played softball for the last 43 years, irfi by Susan Arnoldy Slide — Despite the stolen base by Leslie Mc Ginnis, K-State lost the doubleheader against Nebraska.

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Life just wouldn't be the same with- out midnight food-runs, floor parties, road trips and, of course, Aggieville. The field of medicine is humanistic as well as scientific. The retiring Student Body President Angela Scanlan, senior in agricultural journalism, dealt with many issues throughout her term. Head coach Scott Nelson, in his second year of coach- ing, was disappointed with the team record but was pleased with the progress of re- state volleyball.

There is something magical about spring break, parents' weekend or the long awaited graduation day. A cultural background in the humanities and in related fields as well as in science is the most appropriate education for the future physician and citizen." Chemical engineers, philosophy, history, education, physiology and medical technology majors are just a few of the undergraduate degrees that go into med school besides the pre-med majors. The main responsibility of Senate was the allocation of $831,736.43 of student money. "The program goals are to become a regionally powerful team," Coach Nelson said.

Practices such as Homecoming, Greek living or just plain school pride were stronger at K-State than perhaps they've ever been before. 1982 Volume 73 Manhattan, Kansas 66506 Jeff Taylor Traditional path — Fall colors add to the college scenery on the southeast end of campus as a stu- dent heads toward class. New students were notified of the admission policy change by being given a handout with a description of the program as well as a list of required courses. (6) A new coliseum will increase student seating capacity for basketball by about 2000. Joe Goedert made honorable men- tion in the Big 8." The outlook for the team looks good according to Baker. Baker believes the baseball pro- gram is on the right track although lack of money for the program has slowed the rate of improvement.

opening 1 Tradition Because of its eagerness to cling to traditional values, K-State's stability and maturity has often been confused with being unprogressive or even reactionary. A suggested two-year program of study was also included. 80.7 11.6 7.7 Student Input (1) Did you read carefully the information sent to you about the proposal? all or most 13.3 (2) Yes, some 0.5 (3) No (2) Did this information answer your main questions about the proposal? Prf I by Michael Meysing 226 baseball Winding up — Louie Trujillo, pitcher for K-State, concentrates on throwing a strike.

Allen Eyestone 6 opening Tradition Symbolizing the unique combination of dynamic individuality and a taste for tradition is a student artist's drawing of the Wildcat mascot on the front cover of the 1982 Royal Purple. |^ Rooster — Keith Banks, sophomore in physical therapy, leads the crowd in a cheer while he sits on the shoulders of Kevin Karst, senior in architecture. However, just about anyone can apply to law or medical school. I knew we would have a run-off this year," Gayla Backman, election committee chairperson and senior in home economics education, said. Louis w Iowa State L Drake L Big 8 Championships Kansas L Nebraska L Iowa State W Nebraska L I v Oklahoma fes= yf Hurriyet Aydogan Going over — Spiking the ball is one of Jennifer Koehn's specialties. Set, Spike — Sharon Ridley prepares to bump the ball as Beth Wiseman spikes it to an Oklahoma player.