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This type of woman would be the easiest to engage in a casual relationship and she may even be open to having a one-night stand if you meet her in a bar or a club (or even online dating; see more of that below).If you’re looking for a more serious relationship or even marriage, your goal is to cultivate a social circle so that you can meet more of the second type of women.Let’s talk about some ways you can determine if she’s marriage material or just merely an opportunistic gold digger.

Indonesian women and, for that matter, Indonesia, was never on my radar.

As someone who mostly roamed in Latin America, the only thing I knew about Asia was places like Thailand, China and Japan; in fact, the first time I ever went to Asia was when I flew to Thailand in 2004.

For the most part, you can categorize the women in Bali into three types: super conservative, mildly conservative and not conservative.

It’s easy to understand what kind of women you’re dealing with just by looking at her behavior.

For instance, there’s Anggun, a singer who was part of the Enigma music project, whose music I greatly enjoy up to this day.