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This is all about how you can actually dominate your metro area on the online dating site or app of your choice. I wanted to let you know that by using your help I have a date with a woman I would have always believed was far out of my league.You see, she is an actress, an honest to goodness, seen her on the TV actress. She and I have been emailing, talking on the phone, and we hit it off from the beginning, she is as excited to call me as I am her and I have a date with her this weekend.

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You’re about to get an insider’s peek at twenty-six magical principles of powerful first e-mails that most men will never figure out.

Then, I’ll give you a full fifty practical examples I’ve personally written to some of the very sharpest women online…complete with a full breakdown of every one of them.

But first, I want to commend you for even sticking with it for as long as you have.

You see, the truth is that most guys quit online dating shortly after they start.

Since then I’ve been immersed in the art and science of online dating and apps…all in the name of helping you avoid all the hassle and frustration most guys–even decent guys just like you–face.