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Also ask what your guaranteed monthly payments are. The reason is the same reason why they are selling it to you. They will do everything to get you to buy it, the guy I dealt with said that they wouldn’t do the deal without it. So he calls his manager and he tries to get me to buy it and when that doesn’t work guess what? Next, don’t buy any extras, no matter what they are. If you did what I told you and did not accept any extras, no warranty, and nothing higher than a 10% APR.Chances are they are going to tell you something higher than what it really is because the finance guy is going to change it if they aren’t making enough money off you. He will make you spend WAY more money and you wont even know it. Chances are you will never need it and if you do, they wont cover it because they will find some way to screw you out of it – trust me I have gone through it with my first car. Ask for a complete breakdown of your loan without the warranty. don’t buy floor mats, or rust proofing or interior protection. That stuff is over priced and will jack your loan amount up higher. This is the final way car dealerships will make a buck off you. If you and the sales guy agreed on 5% make sure that paper says 5% . Car dealerships will try to be your friend right off the bat. And if you did your research you should know how much your car is really worth. Car dealerships want to get you in a car any way they can.

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The shortage occupation list already includes a number of medical professions and no role that is part of this list has ever been refused.

Dealing with car dealerships is a very daunting task. Go to at least 3 banks and see what they can offer you in terms of APR. Make sure you get to see what your APR is going to be before you go see the finance guy! Think about this, if you take a loan out for $10,000 in the first year your paying $1,000 in just interest.

They will have to make something otherwise they will go out of business but don’t let them take you for everything. “” If they say the sticker price is it then don’t say anything else and tell him you need to keep looking. Taking a day or two to think is all it takes to make an informed decision about the car. Oh no, they will stretch your loan out longer to make your payments $450/month but now your paying for 72-84 months. Don’t let them stretch your loan out to make it work.

There’s nothing car dealerships love more than an uneducated person coming in to buy a new or used car. They will feed you anything and everything to get you to buy a car, right now. If they have a reputation for screwing people over don’t go in there thinking your going to beat them at their own game. Like for instance its against the law for a dealer to NOT tell you what THEY paid for the car” of the vehicle and then you can see just how much they are making off you. And when you do answer questions, keep it to one question only. If it is don’t bother trying to get money off when they don’t deal. The biggest thing is don’t buy a car that day until you have slept on it. They wont come down on the price to make it happen. after the 5 years is up and you pay off your car how much will it be worth after all the driving you did? If you cant afford a 60 month loan payment then you cant afford the car.

This builds on steps we have already taken to make sure the NHS has the staff it needs for the future – boosting training places for home-grown doctors and nurses by 25 per cent and giving over a million NHS employees a well-deserved pay rise.

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