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At the same time, the monster must have thought that she was still making too much noise and the tentacle that was covering her mouth as a gag turned and pushed it's way deep int her mouth!

Now Amanda was at the mercy of this terrible beast with all three holes stuffed full.

Amanda's breath caught in her throat as she was skewered by the probing, squirming tentacle.

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She could feel it softly touching and feeling it's way to her virgin asshole and she screamed again, terrified.

She had never had anything in her ass before, not so much as a finger.

Whatever the reason, she was hoping that it had changed its mind about entering her.

However, her hopes were quickly dashed when after a moment or two the beast shoved the tentacle into her deeply in one sudden move.

Perhaps it was too hot for the beast - it was used to the colder water of the lake.