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Stats ---[ENG/SWE] - #Gay Sweden - Meet other peoples from all over the world, but try to bring the swedish blond boys *G* - You don't have to be gay to join our channel :) This is NOT a sexchannel. Join us and idle and show support for AGAINST #godhatesfags and self-pics, pic traders, trolling in main, pedos, spammers or fly-bys ... This is a SCENING CHANNEL-No PMs Give me some Luvin'. Welcome to #spasex, make your self comfy and slip in the water!Our list of Dalnet adult IRC chat and porn trading channels. DON'T trade, guestnick, forcetalk, clone, repeat, advertise, fserv, or annoy people.

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You can register your own nickname or chat anonymously as a guest user.

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If you do not have m IRC installed then you can download it from HERE A place where men and boys can live in harmony, where sex is secondary to companionship, no gratuitous sex talk, no trading /illegal activity/ no offensive nicks...sniffy`, I will see u on monday after school The Best "Damn" Channel on DALnet!

Chatting, Trading, Fserves, Trivia Games, Trade Your Personal Pics, or Just Drop in For Some Friendly Chat.

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