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Still, halfway home, and then its over.349 pages Four short, cheesy love stories based on one anonymous love poem that mistakenly finds it way into peoples' lives. The stories within the story kept the pages turning quickly.

The reader is able to stay connected with the characters without getting bored of them, as the author cleverly weaves their stories together. It would be a good read for a teenage girl who wants some clean romance but not depth :)This is a fun, feel-good book. I gave it 4 stars since it's a tad on the unrealistic side.

Each story had one thing in common with each other - and it was a love poem that had been started by a small group of teenage girls as some sort of assignment for their class. It was cringe worthy at best, an uncalled for inappropriate sermon at worse.

Somehow, their poem (and copies of it) ended up traveling around their small town in Alabama and unwittingly became a matchmaker in its own right. Each tale felt a little short for my liking, and yes - they all ended the same way (happily ever after), but I liked watching each couple get to their own happy afters. The characters were never faced with anything remotely resembling conflict on their path to marital bliss. It was cringe worthy at best, an uncalled for inappropriate sermon at worse.

To the point it detracted from the characters rather than strengthening them. I'm not saying that there is not a very specific type of reader that will love this in all it's God filled glory, and fluffy romance novel stuff. Okay, so this book is living up to my own personal genre "filler"..the book I read if I can't find a good one, or run out of anything else at the moment.