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Usually repositories are on online servers, but it can also be on a CD/DVD or on other media. You can search for packages/repositories on the open SUSE Build Service here: This package search engine also includes the Packman repository: to add unofficial repositories with care!Updating installed packages from one repository to versions from a different repository with a different vendor, is a little bit complicated.

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A Driver Update Diskette for the network interface card is required.

The HPE Embedded SATA RAID Controller driver is not supported on SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 11. * The HPE Dynamic Smart Array B110i/B120i/B320i controller requires a close source driver from HPE.

Click here to download the SLES11 SP3 k ISO for installation The Mellanox drivers mlx4_en and mlx_core drivers does not load automatically from the base media on this cartridge and requires the use of a k ISO.

Click here to download the SLES11 SP3 k ISO for installation.

The latest smartpqi driver and Matrox mgag200 G200eh3 video driver are included in this kit that address previously notated kdump and video resolution issues.