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It is like a set of trapezoidal building blocks, with no vertical or horizontal surfaces, like a language in which the simplest thought demands ornate constructions, useless particles and lengthy circumlocutions.Unlike the more successful patterns of language and science, which enable us to face experience boldly or at least level-headedly, our system of temporal calculation silently and persistently encourages our terror of time. It is as though architects had to measure length in feet, width in meters and height in ells; as though basic instruction manuals demanded a knowledge of five different languages.If neither a time zone item nor a time zone correction is supplied, timestamps are interpreted using the rules of the default time zone (see section Specifying time zone rules). In this format, the time of day should use 24-hour notation.

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Bellovin ([email protected]) while at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

The code was later tweaked by a couple of people on Usenet, then completely overhauled by Rich $alz ([email protected]) and Jim Berets ([email protected]) in August, 1990.

Convert timezones and find the best time for your meeting in (GMT-) International Date Line West, (GMT-) American Samoa, (GMT-) Midway Island, (GMT-) Hawaii, (GMT-) Alaska, (GMT-) Pacific Time (US & Canada), (GMT-) Tijuana, (GMT-) Arizona, (GMT-) Chihuahua, (GMT-) Mazatlan, (GMT-) Mountain Time (US & Canada), (GMT-) Central America, (GMT-) Central Time (US & Canada), (GMT-) Guadalajara, (GMT-) Mexico City, (GMT-) Monterrey, (GMT-) Saskatchewan, (GMT-) Bogota, (GMT-) Eastern Time (US & Canada), (GMT-) Indiana (East), (GMT-) Lima, (GMT-) Quito, (GMT-) Atlantic Time (Canada), (GMT-) Caracas, (GMT-) Georgetown, (GMT-) La Paz, (GMT-) Puerto Rico, (GMT-) Santiago, (GMT-) Newfoundland, (GMT-) Brasilia, (GMT-) Buenos Aires, (GMT-) Greenland, (GMT-) Montevideo, (GMT-) Mid-Atlantic, (GMT-) Azores, (GMT-) Cape Verde Is., (GMT ) Edinburgh, (GMT ) Lisbon, (GMT ) London, (GMT ) Monrovia, (GMT ) UTC, (GMT ) Amsterdam, (GMT ) Belgrade, (GMT ) Berlin, (GMT ) Bern, (GMT ) Bratislava, (GMT ) Brussels, (GMT ) Budapest, (GMT ) Casablanca, (GMT ) Copenhagen, (GMT ) Dublin, (GMT ) Ljubljana, (GMT ) Madrid, (GMT ) Paris, (GMT ) Prague, (GMT ) Rome, (GMT ) Sarajevo, (GMT ) Skopje, (GMT ) Stockholm, (GMT ) Vienna, (GMT ) Warsaw, (GMT ) West Central Africa, (GMT ) Zagreb, (GMT ) Zurich, (GMT ) Athens, (GMT ) Bucharest, (GMT ) Cairo, (GMT ) Harare, (GMT ) Helsinki, (GMT ) Jerusalem, (GMT ) Kaliningrad, (GMT ) Kyiv, (GMT ) Pretoria, (GMT ) Riga, (GMT ) Sofia, (GMT ) Tallinn, (GMT ) Vilnius, (GMT ) Baghdad, (GMT ) Istanbul, (GMT ) Kuwait, (GMT ) Minsk, (GMT ) Moscow, (GMT ) Nairobi, (GMT ) Riyadh, (GMT ) St.

Petersburg, (GMT ) Tehran, (GMT ) Abu Dhabi, (GMT ) Baku, (GMT ) Muscat, (GMT ) Samara, (GMT ) Tbilisi, (GMT ) Volgograd, (GMT ) Yerevan, (GMT ) Kabul, (GMT ) Ekaterinburg, (GMT ) Islamabad, (GMT ) Karachi, (GMT ) Tashkent, (GMT ) Chennai, (GMT ) Kolkata, (GMT ) Mumbai, (GMT ) New Delhi, (GMT ) Sri Jayawardenepura, (GMT ) Kathmandu, (GMT ) Almaty, (GMT ) Astana, (GMT ) Dhaka, (GMT ) Urumqi, (GMT ) Rangoon, (GMT ) Bangkok, (GMT ) Hanoi, (GMT ) Jakarta, (GMT ) Krasnoyarsk, (GMT ) Novosibirsk, (GMT ) Beijing, (GMT ) Chongqing, (GMT ) Hong Kong, (GMT ) Irkutsk, (GMT ) Kuala Lumpur, (GMT ) Perth, (GMT ) Singapore, (GMT ) Taipei, (GMT ) Ulaanbaatar, (GMT ) Osaka, (GMT ) Sapporo, (GMT ) Seoul, (GMT ) Tokyo, (GMT ) Yakutsk, (GMT ) Adelaide, (GMT ) Darwin, (GMT ) Brisbane, (GMT ) Canberra, (GMT ) Guam, (GMT ) Hobart, (GMT ) Melbourne, (GMT ) Port Moresby, (GMT ) Sydney, (GMT ) Vladivostok, (GMT ) Magadan, (GMT ) New Caledonia, (GMT ) Solomon Is., (GMT ) Srednekolymsk, (GMT ) Auckland, (GMT ) Fiji, (GMT ) Kamchatka, (GMT ) Marshall Is., (GMT ) Wellington, (GMT ) Chatham Is., (GMT ) Nuku'alofa, (GMT ) Samoa, and (GMT ) Tokelau Is..

ISO 8601 fractional minutes and hours are not supported.