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Steve graduated from Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Clown College in 1997.

He says the program was more like boot camp than college. What had initially drove my dad and me apart - all my stunts and antics - has brought us together, closer than we've ever been. Following the departure of Adam Carolla from Loveline (1996), Steve-O periodically guest co-hosted in his place and was being considered, among many others, as a possible replacement.

His second marriage also didn't last long, Brittany and Steve-O divorced in 2008.

Steve-O has been with quite a few women over the years with no sign of getting married again.

He has been divorced twice and has broken up with many girlfriends.

Lux was also present there to care for him and show her support.

Steve posted a picture of himself and Lux post-surgery, letting his family and fans know of his well being.

Out of 2000 applicants, only 33 were accepted and Steve-O was one of them. Loveline producers eventually chose KROQ DJ Stryker to replace Carolla on the show.