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The gents move from lovely lady to lovely lady every six to seven minutes.

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The lines to get in can be long, but turn that negative into a positive: if the person in front or behind you is someone you want to chat with, they're sort of held hostage with you for the duration.

Then again, if you’re being chatted up by a total weirdo, said positive turns back into a negative pretty quickly.

Be it soul, funk, or disco, you’ll have plenty of fun with your new fling on the dance floor.

Need that last bastion of alone time before you’re swept away by the dark red make-out-right-now lighting? Once called one of the sexiest bars in LA, it’s only natural Dirty Laundry makes the cut for the city’s best singles bars.

This is thanks in no small part to the fact that they secured the space next door and turned it into a dance floor.