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With an extra couple of years under his belt at the big league level, Kiermaier has two Gold Gloves and got edged by Byron for the first time in 2017.

Moving outside of the awards though, it's the metrics that truly show how great Kevin really is.

Being the Statcast darling that he is, you don't need to go far to find Buxton's name atop another leaderboard.

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He's trailed most closely by Cincinnati's Billy Hamilton (30.1 ft/s) and Kiermaier's 28.9 ft/s check in at 13th among centerfielders.

That elite top end speed allows Buxton to cover both gaps, and very realistically, make up for any route deficiencies he may have.

The speed, ball tacking, and spectacular plays are all just a bit more routing for the Georgia native.

What's worth wondering is whether or not he's already the greatest defensive centerfielder of all time.

In that sense, Buxton and his competition would hold up well in comparison with great defenders of yesteryear.