Sohee and gdragon dating

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I've been kinda disappointed with the amount of readers following Kpop Rants on Twitter recently so I wanna know what keeps YOU from following the blog?

Isn't it a bit ironic that all(okay almost) the girls being linked to GD seems to be close with CL?? ) I really don't know how to analyse this situation really...

Sorry to disappoint you, but G-Dragon and Sandara aren't in love with each other. It's my personal opinion, but I don't think that GD likes girls,lol. and Sandara is really close with Top and with Big Bang! Sandara Park is a member of a 4-member girl group, 2NE1 and they don't sing girly songs like Wonder Girls. There are many rumors about him and Sandara Park and CL and Bom of 2ne1 but GD has said that he doesn't date people in the company.

But, rumors has it that Sandara Park has been dating fellow YG artist, G-dragon aka Kwon Jiyong. But I wish Really they Date Because i love them in their music Video! She looks like Ahn Sohee, the cutest member of Wonder Girls, though.

According to, they started dating after BIG BANG debuted in Japan, and they have been in a long distance relationship since.

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