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Even the ginger boys are doing better than blonde guys. “There are certain stereotypes that blondes unfortunately can’t escape,” says Brandon Wade, founder and CEO of Whats Your

“As the old saying goes ‘blondes have more fun.’ Those who are taking their dating life seriously are probably steering away from this type of guy for fear that they are just looking for a summer fling.”Women are looking for the real deal, and in their eyes, blonde men aren’t offering more than a short-term thing.

While black hair isn’t as common as brown hair, there is definitely an added appeal of mystery that comes with it.

It may not be as high as the average of 10 dates a month that guys with brown hair are scoring, but at an average of seven a month, it’s not too bad.

But while that may be the case for men, women don’t really see blonde guys as quite a catch.

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