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This image of the devil does appear in English witchcraft texts (perhaps most titillatingly on the frontispiece of Nathaniel Crouch’s 1688 tract , which depicts an urbane devil looking rather apathetic while being fellated).

However, far more common is the devil’s appearance as a small, tangible, domestic, or common creature known as a familiar spirit. However, one element of the familiar that has been lost in translation to these modern depictions is its frightening true nature.

This creature, first described as a ‘whyte, spotted Catte’, then a toad, and finally ‘a thynge lyke a blacke dogge with a face like an ape, a short tail, and a peyre of hornes on his head’ was said to ‘require a drop of bloude’ which he sucked from the accused witches.

In return for this blood Sathan brought his mistresses riches and revenge. He also forced the accused witches to ‘say [their] pater noster [and all other prayers] in laten’.

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