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I told him I am a researcher studying tattooing and referenced an article in the and radio and TV interviews we had just done about our research to give my story credibility. I had promised to call Chilo at a time that evening.So far, everyone we had encountered had heard or read one of these, because there are limited media outlets on island. The idea that one show up on time to a meeting is a Euroamerican convention or what you do for work and church, not necessarily other situations.The longer myth deals with the families who were given the tools, which relates to the guilds that are allowed to teach and apply hand tapping now.

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In my previous study, I’d averaged additional samples in and found the additional data didn’t make much difference. So I volunteered to drive to the village of Ottoville, out past the Cost U Less, and pick up a family in town for a family reunion who wanted to get their son (half-Samoan—a distinction I make because Samoans make it, though it both does and does not seem to matter) tattooed and that needed a ride to get there.

On the way, I stopped at the Family Mart to find this supposed Tongan.

The story Chilo told us was exciting and incredible.

He wasn’t Tongan at all, as I mentioned, but from Western Samoa.

We sat at a picnic table in the back of the plaza to talk.