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I knew if Sandra wasn't there I probably would have had Courtney's vote and maybe could have swung a few other votes my way. Reality TV World: Why do you think Russell decided to take you over Jerri? (laughing) Really, Russell and I were playing from Day 1. Maybe it was because Sandra and I were both former winners and he thought he'd have a better chance going up against two former winners.

Jerri probably would have been some tough competition too. Maybe -- maybe -- deep down in the blackness of his black little munchkin heart he had a little sparkle of a glimmer of loyalty and goodness and he brought me because we had been aligned since the first day. Reality TV World: Was there ever a time when you considered blindsiding Russell, or did you see him as someone who would be easy to beat during the final Tribal and thus want to keep him around? There were a million times I thought about getting rid of him.

When no evidence was found, Manthey refused to back down.

In her CBS bio, Manthey is described as, “adventurous, fun loving, spontaneous, honest, and kind.

In fact, Manthey tends to get in semi-frequent confrontations with other castaways.

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