Russell brand and noel fielding dating

He explained: “I took too many drugs and was hanging out with the wrong people. I took pills on the rave scene and didn’t like them at all. I felt like I was in a weird puppet show.” Noel quit drugs in 2006, saying: “I thought, ‘This is too much for my head, I won’t come back from this’.” He’s got a whole list of famous mates, including Russell Brand who joked about Noel’s druggy past when he got the GBBO job, saying: “I think anything you bake should be run by a sniffer dog before anyone vulnerable tastes it.” In his partying days, he once spent a night with actor Rhys Ifans handing out surgical gloves to people on the street.

He also partied with rock singer Courtney Love and junkie Libertines frontman Pete Doherty, saying: "I was at a party at Courtney Love's hotel room.

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He was sacked on his first day for lying on the floor eating the merchandise.

Russell Brand told him: “I think anything you bake should be run by a sniffer dog before anyone ­vulnerable tastes it.” This is a man who, in the past, has partied with junkie singer Pete Doherty — who once stormed into his hotel room and placed a top hat full of kittens on the floor before running off.

It caused a lot of problems because her dad wanted to kill me obviously.

“A lot of that’s my fault for getting tempted by different things.

His TV experience also includes a long spell as team captain on panel show Never Mind the Buzzcocks. “When I took ketamine everything turned into two dimensions. They didn’t mind — they let me stay up.” So heavy was his drinking and drug use that he and his tour crew moved far beyond simple beer, wine and spirits.