Rules to dating a bodybuilder

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The bodybuilder is definitely far from scrawny nowadays.

Standing at 5 ft 5 in, her body consists of almost entirely pure muscle. Her arms measure around at 18.5 inches, and her legs measure a circumference of 28.3 inches. Results became visible pretty fast.” It seems like Nataliya was just a natural from the start.

She also holds the title as the European bench press and deadlift champion. However, although Nataliya is confident of her figure and proud of her achievements (as she should be! In an interview with Pro Secrets, she said that while in real life, no one would ever approach her to make fun of her or insult her, the internet is a different story.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of cyber bullies, who criticize her body and lifestyle.

The bodybuilder says that she is able to perform well and stay in perfect shape even without using, but she insists that the steroids help give her a special edge during the competitions.