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Lindo exercises her power and gives her daughter the silent treatment, pretending to ignore Waverly’s existence.

Waverly retreats to her room and imagines her mother’s eyes as two angry, black slits directing the black pieces of a chessboard and routing Waverly’s white pieces.

To Waverly’s more American view, her success is her individual accomplishment, and she resents Lindo’s appropriating it.

Miscommunication between mother and daughter ensues, with Lindo concluding from Waverly’s reticence that she is ashamed of her mother, her family, and her race.

In this waking dream, Waverly feels herself wafted aloft by a wind, detached from her family, and she remembers Lindo’s words, “Strongest wind cannot be seen.” In her terrifying yet exhilarating impasse, Waverly understands that to be herself she must assert her individuality but that she cannot do so without isolating herself from her family.