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Investment prices still update properly using the update feature and net worth updates appropriately if I manually enter the daily forex rate in the currency list. It does everything I need although it throws up on a lot of things like percentage returns from investments bought part-way through the year. Maybe 2006 is the year to update, but I just think Quicken has screwed its customers over the years and I hate to give them the dough. We must either be living on borrowed time or leading charmed lives.

It's not the end of the world doing it manually since it is only the US$ that I need to update and even then I wouldn't do it daily. As of late last week, I can no longer complete auto update on currencies. Customer service has never been their strong point! I also use Q02 and noticed the exceptions starting this month.

An error message occurs, but the download still proceeds since it is the bank, not Quicken, that is doing the work.

These Quicken URLs are listed in the Yahoo newsgroup.

Intuit products like many others are designed to limit the number of installations from a CD, so even if they offer to sell you the original CD, it may already have been activated and you'll be SOL. seems like another great product from the Dilbert Corporation. As for the other comments, Quicken has become a large, baroque product.