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Both the marsupials and the placental mammals are also different when coming to the pattern and the reproductive anatomy.The mode of reproduction is also said to be more complex in marsupials as compared with the mode of reproduction in the placental mammals which is not complex.Placental mammals are vertebrates while on the other side placental mammals are invertebrates.

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The rate of birth between marsupials and the placental mammals also takes place differently.

In marsupials, birth takes place early as compared with the placental mammals where birth takes place late.

Marsupials also give birth through a ''new median canal which is known as the pseudovaginal canal'' (Wund and Myers, 2006).

Both the right uterus and the left uterus are not fused in marsupials as opposed to the placental mammals; where fusion of both the right and the left uteri do occur differently.

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