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We all just want to be our harmless selves in peace, don’t we?

My partner of seven years wasn’t so crazy about non-monogamy when I first expressed a desire for it.

No matter what, you must be prepared to be nice to your partner’s partners, just as they’d better be nice to you.

It is never excusable to treat your lover’s lover with hostility, nor should your partner tolerate it if someone they’re dating disrespects you in any way.

Don’t bother investing any effort in trying to fix something that isn’t broken. If you love and accept someone as an individual, you won’t want to stand in the way of their happiness.

Anyone who can’t come to terms with polyamory being a fixture in their relationship is probably better off finding a monogamous partner.

The success of mono/poly relationships depends on both partners accepting and respecting each other as individuals with different emotional needs.