Pivot table filters not updating

Spreadsheets are a great way for data geeks to organize, display, and analyze information, but for “the rest of us” they can sometimes be a bit baffling.

Pivot tables are an exceptionally powerful tool within spreadsheets for presenting data, but they can be very confusing for novice users, particularly when you consider that the interfaces for creating the tables pretty much assume you already know everything there is to know about them.

When creating a pivot table it’s usually a good idea to turn your data into an Excel Table.

When adding new rows or columns to your source data, you won’t need to update the range reference in your pivot tables if your data is in a Table.

And now all of your coworkers will ask you how you did it and if you can do it for them, so maybe keep a flyswatter on hand. However, every time it requires me to create a new table in order to get the latest data in pivot table from the response spreadsheet.