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• Every time a new monthly build is released, you'll get Special Edition bonus content!This includes: - High-resolution files of every CG - An .mp3 version of the game's soundtrack • Includes rewards of all previous tiers.• Full access to the Developer Console!

Go to The Church and click on the heart-shaped hole in the arch near the ceiling. Toko will offer to put your Glass Angel in there for you.

Once it’s placed in there it will seem like nothing happened but Ferris will be free from his coffin prison in The Woods. On Day 15 a cut scene will play and after it ends Joseph will be at the Castle of Knight. Each character has a "good" ending that can be earned when you have 600 Relationship EXP with them or higher.

On the day of the wedding, go to the church to talk to the character you would like to end the game with.

If you have raised your Relationship EXP with them to be high enough, they will appear at the church.

As a Citizen of Dickenside, your name will be used as a questgiver at the Guild, and you'll also receive a unique shout-out from Professor Laurel as one of her past lovers (see this post for details: https:// • Includes rewards of all previous tiers.