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It’s hard enough dating someone who has the ever-judging parents and siblings, but swimmers take this to another level with teammates. They swim up and down that black line for 15-20 hours a week, spend weekends traveling to compete, and see one another at their best and their worst. Sure, the “I’m so tired” excuse might come across as suspect when it comes from a non-swimmer, but when your prospective says, “I can’t feel my shoulders and can’t move from the couch” they mean it. But we certainly do appreciate someone who is a positive influence and is supportive as we tumble along the journey of swimming competitively. Ultimately, there are two keys to every swimmer’s heart: food, and excellent massage skills. Yes, it’s bizarre that we complain about all the meters we have to swim, and then still do it anyway, but we earned it. If you put them in a place where they have to choose between the sport they love and you, odds are pretty good you won’t like the answer. When we say we are too tired to hang out, we actually are. We don’t need you to obsess over the sport we love, nor do we want you at every one of our practices and meets (it’s great to have a non-swimming element in our life to provide balance, after all).She is very keen to pursue her career, especially with the 2012 Olympics around the corner." Davies, who won silver in the 1980 Moscow Olympics and two gold medals at Commonwealth Games, has spoken publicly about the four painful years of fertility treatment that she underwent and the two miscarriages she suffered before giving birth to Finley.

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Here are some things you should know before you profess your love to your friendly neighborhood competitive swimmer: 1.

Weekdays aren’t much better either between unpacking and packing swim bags, homework, inhaling food and promptly passing out. If you plan on buying, don’t take us out for dinner without a sizable brick of cash in your wallet. (Here’s a tip: don’t make a face—whether you are impressed or disgusted—when we order seconds.

"The truth is that they have just drifted apart," one of her close friends tells me.

"Sharron has received lots of offers for TV work, but that has become an issue between her and Tony.

Swimmers can complain about the hours they put in, the lack of attention it gets compared to major sports, but you can’t hate on the sport. A nice leisurely 7am wake-up call is a luxury for your little swimming crush. This is the sacrifice that they have chosen to make.