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Clint Robison said he’s not worried about their young age being a negative factor.“When you get married young, you can build habits together instead of having to sacrifice for each other’s individual habits later in life,” he said.

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You can't guarantee the longevity of a marriage, but what you can do is play the odds.

Researchers have studied marriage success rates from nearly every conceivable angle, and what they've found is that everything from smoking habits to what state you live in can predict how likely it is that your union will survive.

Christensen met his ex-wife at a USU basketball game, and after a couple of years of dating they got married – him at 24, her at 21. “It’s interesting being married while you’re still in college because everyone is having parties and hanging out, and it adds a weird dynamic to a marriage,” Christensen said.

“Being young, there was a fear of missing out because even though you’re married, everyone is still living around you.” Christensen said that because of his age, he was comfortable with himself, and at the same time his ex-wife was still trying to find that comfort.

He started talking to a girl from USU, who he dated and married a year later.