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I am *positive* that a huge portion of this subreddit wasn't even aware or around for those events and are only mad at Kelly because someone else on the sub told them about it. That moonblade and huk thing that's pure dick move.

She hasn't done anything like that at all for a long time and so people using it as an excuse to bitch about her when they never even were around for the event is kinda stupid I mean even as something as small as subbing to Bulldog's twitch, I remember I used one of his emotes on another channel (probably BTS or something) and Kelly was there and she went out of her way to thank me for subbing. Not saying I agree/disagree but just pointing out that's not why people dislike her, it's because of the tantrum she threw while casting a game then left tobi to solo cast and pick up the remains, and how she slept her way through different esports teams. Listen to this and he explains every reason people don't like her. Do you know how australians are struggling with esport, not much a scene there, no big tournament and some shit.

Then she do that too australian starcraft player in the first day of the tournament that hug thing (that's not enuf to dump him in the first day of the tournament, i must show who i'm sleeping with now so he jelly and can't focus on the game) Fuck that bitch man, fuck that and how she slept her way through different esports teams Why does this matter?

Would people care if we knew that say Fear had slept with a bunch of esports people several years ago?

they were still together (not sure if they are still together recently though)..i am sure they were still together when they were in IEM cologne have been inactive from most tournament but he is still good enuff to do well in the recent IEM cologne coming out of his group stage placing 5-8th( he plays starcraft, she casts starcraft, how great life would be if they were to be together, sharing things that they would love to do together, for instance, u wouldnt wanna find a girl to be ur gf who is working as a normal person if ure playing starcraft as a job now would u?

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