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When Howard Stern asked her if the unwillingness to marry Culkin was a sign that she wasn’t truly in love with him, Kunis responded, “Honestly, who knows?

” Considering that Kunis and Kutcher married after only three years of dating, it seems like maybe Kunis always knew that Culkin wasn’t going to be the one she settled down with.

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According to her, despite his many great qualities, Culkin was never quite marriage material.

In a surprisingly open interview about their relationship with Howard Stern, Kunis revealed that she had been reticent about marriage for a very long time.

This all leads to the great irony: right now, their relationship feels like an odd mismatch, but at the time, they were basically celebrity royalty with an equally frenzied collection of fans that would follow them wherever they went.

One thing that surprises many fans is just how long Mila Kunis and Macaulay Culkin were together.

Maybe we shouldn’t have been surprised by the lack of wedding bells.