Maui dating

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Maui, the second-largest Hawaiian island, is often overshadowed by its tourist magnet of a neighbor, Oahu.

But that’s exactly why there’s no better place to visit than the “Valley Isle.”Home to virtually pristine beaches and a sprawling national park, parts of Maui are still untouched by the swaths of tourists who frequent the islands.

Try the fried mochi dipped in pâté and other modernized, comfort-food staples like katsu curry and beef stew.

Maui is defined by so many ethnic cultures, it’s nearly impossible to encapsulate them in a single dish — but to many Hawaii locals, the plate lunch might be the answer.

Featuring a full professional stage, lighting and the top sound system on Maui, here you’ll find a host of local and world-famous DJs, live bands, karaoke, comedy shows and more for your entertainment pleasure.