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Luxuria Superbia is a “simple game of touch, pleasure and joy.” It’s a multi-sense experience with music, touch-based play and beautiful visuals.As a player, you try to cultivate flowers of various colors in a garden.

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You can expand it to include more people, and if you’d like to play on, creator Emily Care Boss made two sequels, Shooting the Moon and Under My Skin.

A decision-based visual novel, Analogue: A Hate Story, explores the mystery of what happened to a futuristic spaceship society that became increasingly patriarchal and misogynistic before the spaceship went dark completely.

They’re based off the norms that we know, even though the settings are fantastical and their social structures are completely different.

Addressing these norms head-on is a way to expand the world that the game is building, and also to challenge our cultural norms around sex. So what is there to play if you’re a gamer, or you’d like to get into gaming, and you’re looking for a queer, sex-positive experience, perhaps with less combat than your average mainstream console game? With a little help, I’ve put together this list of hot indie games that are based on queer premises or evoke some queer eroticism, in genres that range from the traditional pen-and-paper tabletop to fun and simple logic puzzles. Monsterhearts is a pen-and-paper tabletop game set in a supernatural high school, about “the confusion that arises when your body and your social world start changing without your permission.” Players play as various monsters with teenage struggles, and it’s especially primed for queer relationships.

It’s a story exploration game that follows Kaitlin, who’s returned home after a year abroad to an empty house.