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Even if you don't know any men or boys like that, you must still raise your voice to end gender violence in our communities. And to women: If your man is consistently angry, depressed, verbally abusive, has violent tendencies or has put his hands on you in some way, leave the relationship whether he gets help or not. If he is serious about changing, he will do it on his own. Your self-worth cannot be tied to whether or not you have a partner. Nothing should be more precious to us than the women who give us life.

Just as we talk about AIDS, poverty, drugs and other ailments afflicting America, men and women have got to make ending violence against women and girls a priority.

And yes, some women and men told me that nothing I could do would ever grant their forgiveness.

In fact, I was called "a woman beater" just last year while running for Congress in New York City.

Campbell revealed that he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2011, though he suffered from memory loss for years before, and announced that he was retiring from music due to the disease.