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I am spending some time working on writing a novel and it is difficult enough to find the time for that, let alone to also write on here.

I am not shutting down the site, but I will not be posting anything new until I announce that I have returned.

Her prima donna behavior last night was disgraceful, soooo glad she got cut. It just seems so unfair that if you get stuck in a crummy group, you're a goner. And I'm just always surprised at some of their attitudes. I'll get only two hours of sleep that night if it means I have a chance at being the next big thing in music!

It's not "American Idols - our favorite group", it's "American Idol" Also, what they focus on are the drama queens (both men and women) and it is excrutiating to watch. I only WISH I could sing like these people, and they just seem to throw everything away.

I must admit it has been over a week since I last wrote on here and I wasn't on vacation again.

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    Excited to be opening for @My Name Is Bizzle, @Datin_Triple D, @jeredsanders, @Iamthacorner & @Ai The Anomaly next Friday in #Cincinnati! VIP & General Admission tickets are available at P8p #tbt This was me and @datin_tripled vibing on the set of the Body Bag music video as we watched @motivcrew kill it while @demarcofilms filmed. Upside Down makes me wanna just go harder on the deadlift The whole album!!!! Queens and Scarllett's letter would be a good mini movie to watch.

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