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Instead, she stayed true—to herself, to her faith, and to her highest ideals of parenthood and public service.

She chose to let Mark Sanford deal with the embarrassment and political fallout from his own actions while focusing her own efforts privately on raising their children to be men of character, even in the face of the lies their father has told.

He actually asked her for permission to see his mistress so he could get closure and babbled about the soul mate thing to her. It is the story of their meeting and marriage till it all fell apart so publ Hmmm never did much care for Mark Sanford's politics but thought him an honorable man until last year.

After hearing Jenny's story, I find him appallingly selfish and self-centered. The book was interesting and Jenny Sanford told it well.

From my perspective Mark was very good on policy, and he was probably the most frugal guy in congress. Jenny was vey successful before they were married: only woman to make partner at a prominent investment bank. The heart of the book is about how the marriage came apart due to Mark's infidelity. I listen to this book from a download from my library.