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It is therefore vital for youth to grab this inclusive picture of sustainability to ensure a positive future generation of prosperity and increased quality of life.

This toolkit aims to provide an overview for the programme and how it can be run in not only colleges and institutes, but also in companies of any size.

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It is important to establish rules of conduct, and training on material before hand so that the next stage can run smoothly.

The best part of this programme is interacting with the kids; they end up being our greatest teachers.

Project areas that kids can work on include: Make sure you start the projects with an audit of the school, so the kids can identify unsustainable practices, then come up with ideas, and measure the ideas based on the Venn diagram model. This event can be imagined in many ways, but it should aim to capture the excitement of the kids in presenting their projects ideas, and rewarding them thoroughly for all their hard work.

The benefit of inviting so much public is that they too get to play a hand in learning about sustainability.

Topics you should cover in the simulation include: This is the most magical stage, as anything can happen when you put good intentions into the hands of creative children.