Hardware inventory not updating database

You can then wait for a client to check in, or use client notification to force the test machine to download policy and then collect hardware inventory.

As you can see the information for my CAS has already come back: Now that you’ve started collecting this information you can use it for collecting specific Hotfix ID’s just be aware of the limitations of the data as well as the upsides in reporting.

Quick Fix Engineering, QFE for short, is a WMI class known as WIN32_Quick Fix Engineering.

I’m going to show you how to enable collection of QFE data within Config Mgr however, I encourage you to review and answer the following questions before extending hardware inventory: I answered your questions bridgekeeper now show me the way!

So by now, we’ve learned what QFE is and a little bit in how it’s relevant.

Returning from our detour for our example I’m only going to select the information that I care about: You can then hit OK on this, and OK on the client settings.

And then deploy them to a collection by right-clicking the client setting, select deploy and then choose the collection you would like to depoy too.

This table can be joined to other tables using the Resource ID column.