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But eventually I realized that she was trying to undermine our relationship from the very beginning.

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Hapas dating hapas

Basically she told him that his older brother was really his half brother and that his father was some Cuban guy.

Then she walked away without providing any further details. Bf’s older brother looked nothing like him and didn’t even look Asian at all.

He used to tell me that I was the only bright spot in his life.

When we first started dating he was super pudgy and ate terribly, but he started working out and dressing really nice and wearing contacts instead of glasses because he said he wanted to look good next to me.

all the hapa girls i see are with white men like they belong to them or something :/ one is a koreaboo with a korean guy but thats full asian. That said I love mixed people in general but hapas tend to be pretty lame in my experience.