Goting dating profiles

"This guy is a novice; this guy is a f*cking mall cop.

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The articles would probably be @NUM1 after the events occur.

Most buissness, including the Newspaper, use the internet to advertise, shop, or read.

In some cases this is true but in most cases studdies show that computers can help people.

While nothing beats talking in person computers can get really close such examples are webcams or e-mail.

The president of the post office, @PERSON2 said ""@CAPS3 would be imposible to get mail to our coustmers @CAPS2 @CAPS3 were not for computers telling us where a zip code is or how heavy a box is."" @CAPS4 that tell people what is happening around the world would not exist @CAPS2 @CAPS3 were not for the moder communication abilities that computer provid us. When the same survey was taken in the @LOCATION1 @PERCENT5 of people used computers fore reasons and @PERCENT2 were students who had good grade @CAPS2 @CAPS3 were not posible for me to access documents in the @CAPS5 @CAPS6 online I probably would not have gotten an A on my @CAPS7 assignment!